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Through our unique investment club fund structure, we enable practically all students and alumni of Chicago Booth to invest in the fund. The fund is managed by CB Capital Fellows and invests in Chicago Booth affiliated startups at Pre-Seed / Series A stage across sectors/geographies, according to our predefined investment criteria. All investors will vote on investment decisions based on due diligence performed by Fellows.

We seek to act upon and manifest the strong pay-it-forward culture that Chicago Booth students, "Boothies", have shared for generations and enable Boothies to invest in each others' success at business school and beyond. 


We invest in Chicago Booth-affiliated startups that have received initial venture backing. This means that the startup must meet the following criteria:

  1. At least one of the founders is a Booth student/alumnus, holding at least 10% equity in the company

  2. The company has raised at least $500,000 of external capital from reputed investors

We seek to invest in early-stage startups (Pre-Seed to Series A), with select later-stage investments.

We are industry-agnostic and geography-agnostic investors.


A five-step process is followed by our Fellows to evaluate all investment opportunities along our pipeline before making our investment decision, with the input of all LPs:

  1. Sourcing:

    • Our team of CB Capital Fellows source startups that meet the investment criteria through the Chicago Booth network and start conversations with entrepreneurs

  2. Diligence:

    • Our Venture Capital Fellows Team diligence the deal and build an investment memo that is circulated to LPs

  3. Founder Presentation to LPs:

    • ​Founders of the proposed investment pitch their startup to CB Capital LPs, who can ask questions to further analyze the opportunity

  4. LP Vote:

    • ​All CB Capital LPs/investors will be required to vote (one vote per person) on the investment opportunity through an online form

  5. Investment Decision:

    • The investment opportunity is approved if a majority of LPs vote in favor. The vote is final, irrespective of the outcome


The CB Capital team strives to add value to our portfolio companies. We do so through the following:

  1. Operational and strategic support from our team of Fellows

  2. Leveraging the Chicago Booth network for support, expertise, connections, diligence and more

  3. Expert guidance from our Advisors

  4. Connections with our Partners

Our team members, 'Fellows', have a strong commitment to supporting the growth of our fellow Chicago Booth founders. The strength of partnership between our Fellows' strong operational and investing experience, and the Chicago Booth student/alumni and senior advisor network, can help deliver long-term value through a sustained partnership between CB Capital and the portfolio company.

Chicago Booth student / alumni individual 'club' investors
Core team of VC, Venture and Entrepreneur Fellows
Chicago Booth student / alumni founded startups
LPs who offer additional operational/strategic expertise
Non-investing senior advisors/entrepreneurs such as Faculty
Third party legal, administrative support
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